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VJ Audition Scripts - Model Interview Scripts Video Jockey VJ Online

Video Jockey (VJ) is the most familiar profession in recent days and those who wants to make career as VJ (Video Jockey) and wants to serve news to the world right from the happening place need some VJ Training and some experience of handling the topic with care and right sequence.

Before going for an Interview of VJ (Video Jockey); It's personally recommend to all of you to at least practice in front of the Mirror choosing any recent topic based on the type of VJ Interview. Here is the Model VJ Audition Script for all of those aspiring upcoming VJs across the world.

VJ Audition Interview Model Scrip / VJ Scripting
VJ Event Beginning:
- Introduce yourselves.
- Briefly describe your educational institution, your location and its distinctive features, pointing to a map or providing a picture to help the audience learn about your location.
- Provide a distinctive sound for your region and explain why you chose this sound (example a moose call for Northwestern Ontario).
- Include any information about past Mega-conference Jr. and/or Mega-conference participation.

Before each presentation of VJ:
- Use a transition word such as “now” or “next” to signal that you are introducing the next presentation.
- Provide the title of the presentation and the group and/or educational institution presenting.
- Give some details about the presentation (if provided) and inform the audience if participation will be occurring.
- Remind sites to mute their speakers so as not to interrupt the presenters.
- Speak directly to the presenters to signal that we are ready for them to start, for example, “Welcome, __” or “Take it away, ___.”

After each VJ presentation:
- Thank the presenters for their [dance/song/play/etc.].
- Alert the audience of the possibility of questions by stating, “We will now invite sites to ask questions of our presenters.”
- Remind sites to mute their speakers unless they are posing a question.
- Thank each site who poses a question and ask for further questions. Ensure that you watch the time so as not to delay the next presentation.
- To conclude the questioning period, thank all sites for their excellent questions and participation and use a transition word to signal that you are moving on to another presentation.

At the end of the VJ segment:
- Thank all presenters once again for their work in presenting.
- Thank the organizers of Mega-conference Jr. for your chance to participate in this event.
- Play your site sound one more time before saying good-bye.

Hope it will help you to give an Interview / Audition of VJ.
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